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What is directACCESS?                   

You can think of directACCESS as a discount club with volume pricing.  By purchasing a membership members save 20% to 60% or more on dental care at any of our 170,000+ participating locations.  Members can also add our Vision/Hearing/Rx rider and enojy additional savings at participating locatons.

Because it is not insurance, there are no maximums, no limitations, no exclusions, and no claims or paperwork to submit.  There are also no confusing contracts or surprises that come when a claim is denied.  Simply purchase a membership and receive access to our pre-negotiated rates on virtually all dental procedures. 

Once your client enrolls in directACCESS, their pricing stays the same for the life of the membership.  

We are so confident that your clients will love this plan that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.  Cancel within 30 days and we'll refund your membership fees.  No questions asked.

How Does it work?                   

Enroll in directACCESS via paper enrollment or online enrollment.  With online enrollment, a temporary ID card is visible upon the completion of enrollment that is active for 30-days.  A membership card and welcome packet is mailed to each member within 10 business days of when their payment clears.

Members choose from any of our 170,000+ provider locations to receive services.  Hand your card to the office staff and they will bill you according to the pre-negotiated rates.  No claims to submit, no waiting.  Simply pay the discounted rates at the time of service and you'll save up to 60% off the dentist's regular fees."

Use directACCESS as often as you would like.  There are no limitations on the frequency of any visit or procedure.  You work directly with your dentist to determine the care that's right for you.  No more putting off dental care because it 'isn't covered' or because you already met your 'annual limit.'  With directACCESS, you and your dentist are back in control of your dental care.

It's not insurance, its better…                   

Dental insurance is a unique product.  There is no 'catestrophic risk' like you would find in life insurance or health insurance.  Most people buy dental insurance because they hope to somehow get more out of the insurer than they pay in premium.  Frankly, that is not likely to happen consistently.  Insurers know the right limitations, maximums, and restrictions to apply to ensure that they are able to pay their staff, marketing and administrative costs, overhead, etc., pay claims, and still realize a profit.  Once you add up the expensive monthly premiums, most members actually spend more than they gain.  Remember, the 'free cleanings' aren't really free...they cost you far more than their worth in expensive monthly premiums.

We like to say that directACCESS is not insurance, it's better.  Give your clients access to the same pre-negotiated rates as the 'big insurance companies,' without the hassle of a confusing insurance contract and expensive monthly premiums.  When you instruct your clients to consider the total cost of their dental plan, including the montly premuim and their share of their dental expenses, you'll find that  they are better off with directACCESS.

What our customers are saying!

I love directACCESS! I've been on the plan personally for a few years now and have many clients on the plan. It is rare that one of my clients doesn't renew. When I compare regular dental insurances to this plan, this is a great value. I also appreciate the helpfulness of the staff when I need help. Thank you, Dentist Direct, for creating a great, cost effective plan and for your service! 

- Karen S.

The directACCESS dental program has been great for me and my clients.  It's simple and affordable.  The savings it provides has convinced many people to finally visit a Dentist... and with no waiting periods or restrictions it makes it that much easier.

- Rick P.

The directACCESS membership is simple and easy to use.  It more than paid for itself on my family's first visit to the dentist.  

- Chris C.